the untrue ARES - Metal Band aus Halle
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the untrue ARES - Metal Band aus Halle

the untrue ARES - almost dead

On 22nd of November 2011 our guitar player and founding member Jan decided to leave the band because of personal issues. We do not like it but we accept his decision. After eight years in our last line-up we decided to close the chapter of this band in our personal books of life. The last years since 2005 brought many problems for us. Jan moved to his former hometown 200km away and Carsten worked in Berlin for several years. Due to the lack of time for thorough rehearsal we will not reanimate this perishing band.

The three remaining members want to record some of the songs but there are no plans for any live activities or new songs ... not under the old name.

We'd like to say thank you to all that supported us over the last years. Don't forget us !

Kai, Torsten & Carsten